Dairy Goats for Pleasure & Profit

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Top 10 book at Hamby Dairy Supply by Harvey Considine
Dairy Goats for Pleasure and Profit by Harvey Considine Newly updated in 2005. 300 pages Hundreds of bw photos and illustrations throughout the book Limited availability - reprinted in a small batch Filled with valuable practical husbandry information. Facts on breeding kidding, feeding, milking housing and marketing. An excellent reference for 4-H and FFA members. Includes ideas for feeding equipment and facilities. Delicious recipes from dairy goat products. How to information on selecting a breed and buying goats. Shows the joy of a dairy goat lifestyle. Harvey Considine has experienced the delights fo dairy goats for five decades. A farmer committed to sustainable agriculture, a captivating speaker on dairy goats, popular judge and leader in dairy goat organizations, he and his wife, Elaine, live on their farm west of Portage Wisconsin. The Considine family has been involved in the commercial dairy goat business for over 50 years. Advice, love, and wry Irish wit from a farmer who has raised, handled, milked and judged more dairy goats across the USA and around the world than any other living individual. His tireless enthusiasm for dairy goats is contagious. -Dave Thomas, former editor Dairy Goat Journal 30 Chapters: Before you start All those wonderful breeds: Alpine, Nubian, Oberhasli, Saanen, Lamancha, Toggenburg, Nigerian Dwarf, Kinder To help you buy more wisely Barn Designs Be well equipped Ideas on fencing, pasture, and fresh forage You are the Key to success Feeding for health and production Breeding with a goal The pregnant doe and her needs Your doe is kidding! Caring for those adorable kids Milking Time Keeping Milk Delicious Be a record keeper Maintain healthy udders The neccessary buck Hoof Trimming - Disbudding -Tattooing - Castrating -Clipping Goat ailments and some simple treatments Dogs and Goats Transporting and shipping How well are your goats growing Registry signs and symbols Using that wonderful goat milk Profit possibilities A little about conformation, judging and showing Child friendly 4-H, FFA, and youth projects Just for Fun - Driving & Packing Most frequent mistakes Goats around the world