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BY J.D. BELLANGER and Sara Thomson Bredesen
Top Selling Goat Book!
5th edition - 304 pages.
With 307,000 copies in print, this is the most trusted and comprehensive reference on every aspect of dairy goat care, housing, feeding, health care, breeding, and milking. The full-color new 2018 edition features the most up-to-date practices and a fresh new design.
Everything you need to know to raise dairy goat, including more information on pygmy goats, updated information on disease diagnosis and treatment, kidding, housing and pasture management and expanded information on breeding, milking, dairying, and cheese making. The Best Advice on Raising Dairy Goats. This indispensable, fully illustrated guide provides the very latest practical information for dairy goat owners. All of the essentials are covered here, including: Individual breeds - Feeding and housing - Health care and disease prevention Breeding and kidding - Milking and dairying.
We receive many request from novice goat owners wanting caprine information. This book will give answers and help people get started. Jerry (Jd) Belanger, a lifelong goat raiser, is former editor and publisher of Countryside & Small Stock Journal and has written numerous books on country living and homesteading. He lives in Wisconsin.

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