Daisy Heavy Duty Cow Lifter

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Daisy Lifter, including sling, carry bag, hooks and instructions.
New improved Daisy Lifter Cow Lift is a simple and inexpensive way to lift or move cows with a front end loader or bucket. Gentle lifting with support from the backside to the brisket, ensures that the cow is not harmed. Daisy Lifter includes an open area for the udder to hang through, thus reducing stress and pressure. This feature and others make the Daisy Lifter especially suitable for extended lifting (up to four hours) in cases of paralysis recovery, etc. Lifting straps and buckles have been strengthened and improved (see detail). X-Large Model is recommended for beef cows, large Holsteins and other large dairy breeds. A standard size for up to medium-size Holstein is also available. Daisy Lifter is made from heavy duty reinforced long-lasting PVC and includes a leather covered web support pad for the area between udder and tail. Metal parts are plated while webbing and thread are made of durable polyester. Daisy Lifter weighs only 22 lbs. yet will lift animals up to 2200 lbs. The cow is gently rolled onto the sling, straps are adjusted and the C-hooks secured to a front end loader or bucket. The cow is then gently lifted and moved to a hospital area. After use, the Daisy Lifter should be cleaned, dried, and stored in the handy drawstring carry bag until next use. Includes sling, carry bag, hooks and instructions. this item ships UPS oversize from Wisconsin