Drain for 7300 Conde® Portable Vacuum System

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Check Valve Drain for vacuum tank
Fits Hamby 7300 portable vacuum pump cart shown below
Automatically opens to drain moisture from vacuum tank when pump is turned off.
Approx 1 inch diameter at widest part of bell
Made in USA by Conde
Spare Parts for 7300 Milker Vacuum Pump
7300 Complete portable vacuum system
7301 Rebuild Kit for Conde® Model 2 Vacuum Pump (Vapor Oil)
7302 New Replacement vacuum pump head and oiler for 7300 pump

7304 4JE Flex Coupler for 7300 Model 2 Direct Drive pump
7305 Drain for 7300 Conde Model 2 Portable Vacuum System
7309 Muffler for 7300 Conde® Model 2 Portable Vacuum System
7105 Oil Plug with vent for Conde Oiler Box
7109 Wick for Conde Model 2 & 3 vacuum pumps
7121 Vacuum Regulator for portable pumps 3/4 NPT - USA brass
7126 Vacuum Gauge for portable vacuum pumps