Flex Coupling for 7300 Conde® Portable Vacuum System

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7304 4JE
FLexible Rubber coupling connects Motor to vaccum pump for Direct Drive Conde vacuum pump sold by Hamby Dairy Supply
Fits Hamby 7300 portable vacuum pump cart shown below
Rubber Flex Coupler only. 
Spare Parts for 7300 Milker Vacuum Pump
7300 Complete portable vacuum system
7301 Rebuild Kit for Conde® Model 2 Vacuum Pump (Vapor Oil)
7302 New Replacement vacuum pump head and oiler for 7300 pump

7304 4JE Flex Coupler for 7300 Model 2 Direct Drive pump
7305 Drain for 7300 Conde Model 2 Portable Vacuum System
7309 Muffler for 7300 Conde® Model 2 Portable Vacuum System
7105 Oil Plug with vent for Conde Oiler Box
7109 Wick for Conde Model 2 & 3 vacuum pumps
7121 Vacuum Regulator for portable pumps 3/4 NPT - USA brass
7126 Vacuum Gauge for portable vacuum pumps