GEA Compass™ Plus Programmable Automatic Pipeline Washer System

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The Compass Plus will clean any size pipeline milking system. Every segment of every cycle of pipeline washing can be adjusted to the needs of your dairy barn. Includes new programmable features. Lowers cleaning costs of many systems by reducing wasted water, eliminating excess vacuum pump run time, consistently dispensing the right amount of chemicals for every wash and catching water heater failures before they create high bacteria counts.
Choose Stand alone system or with parlor control (Milk / Wash) above
Programmable Four Cycle Wash Program
  • 1. Pre Rinse
  • 2. Main Wash
  • 3. Post Rinse
  • 4. Optional Pre-Milk Sanitizing Rinse
Over 50 programmable options. Easily program the Compass Plus Wash System to make the best use of water, resources and time to effectively and efficiently clean your milking system, Automatic Chemical Dispensing Dispenses Detergent, Acid, and Sanitizer. No chemical handling reduces risk of damaging clothing or skin from caustic chemicals. Temperature Monitoring Actual wash solution temperature displayed on the front of the Compass control. Displays in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Monitors the temperature during wash circulation - Gives a low temp warning if temperature drops below settable threshold. - Low temperature warning is visible until the next wash session - Option to stop circulation and advance the wash cycle if a low circulation temperature is detected. Holds the last 16 wash temperatures in memory for viewing through the front display. Simple, easy to read display Reduces confusion for the operator.
Easy to operate. Programmable Pre-sanitizer start times Automatically sanitizes your milking system at the times you want so your milking system will be ready to milk at milking time. Add more water Ability to add extra water after start of circulation on all cycles. This accommodates systems with small wash vats that need extra water. Divert rinse water Divert initial rinse water at programmable time. Does not re-circulate dirty rinse water. Diverted first rinse preheats the pipeline for more effective cleaning in detergent cycle.
Programmable Chemical Dispense times Precisely operates peristaltic pumps without additional pump timer controls. Pumps are settable in 1 second increments. 3 pumps are included, one for detergent, one for acid and a third for sanitizer. Pumps are capable of 20 oz per minute. (40 oz per minute pumps available as an upgrade option for xtra large milking systems) Supports 2 Part Wash Chemicals 2 Part wash chemicals can be custom blended on the farm in the wash vat. Lower cost detergents can have stronger more effective components and the separate chlorine can be kept fresh and used at the level that is right for the dairy. Programmable hot acid rinse Choose how often to run based on your water quality. Hot acid rinse will help reduce buildup of milk stone and hard water minerals. High Volume Water Valves 19 gallons per minute each at 30 PSI water pressure.
Proven Technology. The Compass Plus is built on the proven technology of the Surge Navigator Wash system. The new Compass printed circuit board is a drop in replacement for Surge Navigator wash systems
Self test feature troubleshoots itself.
Compass Plus Wash System includes all items shown below except the optional diverter:
  • Control box (see link below) - Compact 12â€? X 12â€? X 5â€? deep ABS enclosure 115 volt 50/60 HZ with surge protection. (230 volt version available)
  • P600 chemical pumps (see link below) - Three 20 oz per minute DC voltage pumps mounted in stainless steel housing. 17â€? wide X 6.5â€? tall X 7.5â€? deep. Max current draw 3 amps.
  • Kit for connecting to 3 chemical drums. (Higher volume pump system available)
  • Water works kit (see link below) includes - bracket mounted high volume water valves, water level pressure switch, sink bracket, 20’ of hot and cold water hose, fittings, clamps and pressure sensor hose with fitting and mounting hardware.
  • Electric drain kit. (see link below) 115 volt normally open drain
  • Mounting hardware for wash sinks with a 1.5 inch standard drain outlet.

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