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Our bucket washer package cleans your milker claw and milk hoses with out disassembly.

Best quality we can find. 70 year history proven on dairy farms worldwide!

  Best Value

***Note it takes more vacuum capacity to wash than to milk***   Some small vacuum pumps will not operate this device. ***

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The Hamby package includes

  • Washer with 10 inch sight glass and 6 ss pipe nipples
  • H.D. Stainless Steel Frame for mounting
  • Extra 8 foot vacuum hose
  • 7527 adapter reducer to the vacuum hose
  • 2 x 56375 Parachute outlet pipe covers for when you might only be milking one at a time.
  • 4 x 1090-260 Nipple cap closures for outlet pipes
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  • $30 more accessories and Free Shipping 
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Bucket washer cleans your milker claw, milk hoses and vacuum hoses with out disassembly of the milking unit.

DuoPfan Powder Detergent and Citrophos Liquid Acid are recommended for the 3 step Rinse / Wash / Rinse Cycles.    Citrophos will foam some during the acid rinse cycle depending on how hard or soft your water is.    Please read the washing instructions in the Hamby Dairy Supply Bucket Milker instruction manuals.  Similar instructions are printed on every bucket of GEA Detergent and Acid that we sell.

Watch the 'How To" video on youtube - see link below

Works with Hamby cow milkers; Clear Top, Kleen Flo, Waikato, Westfalia Classic 300. Delaval cow milker, Ezee Kleen Flo 300, Coburn portamilker, Parts Dept, and BouMatic bucket milkers

Works with Hamby goat milkers; GEA Top FLow z, Vanguard, ITP style. Delaval style ss goat milkers, Interpuls, Caprine Supply, EZEE, and Parts Dept.

Note this item is also available in our 5160 Wash Packages with Dairy Barn Sinks, Detergent, Acid and other items needed to set up a cleaning station in your milk room.  Search 5160 for options.


For use with 5/8 I.D. milk hoses;

1090-005 - 5/8 ID clear plastic Milk Hose / Tubing - per foot
7750-0220-527ft 5/8 ID clear plastic Milk Hose / Tubing - per foot
1090-089 - 5/8 ID silicone Milk Hose / Tubing - thinner wall - Blue Stripe
1090-096 - 5/8 ID silicone Milk Hose / Tubing - thicker wall - Red Stripe


Also for use with 1/2 inch I.D. vacuum hoses when used with our 7527 adapter (see link below)


Not compatible with Surge Bucket Milker, NuPulse or Hoegger goat milker.


Simply remove milk hose from lid, attach to washer on wall; turn on vacuum. It automatically draws up and releases the wash solution through the milker units. Works for cow, goat, and sheep bucket milkers.


This washer will handle up to 6 milker units (claws). the milk hose nipples are 5/8. (8 unit washer also available)


A reducer adaptor is included to wash your vacuum hose. It is recommended to have a spare vacuum hose and alternate them so they can be washed with this washer. The reducer goes from 5/8 to 1/2 inch to allow hooking up the 1/2 inch ID vacuum hose.


You will need a small sink to hold the milker units and wash solutions. You will also need a vacuum source and stall cock. Vacuum supply is 1/2 inch, the same size tubing that hooks your bucket milker to the stallcock.


You are purchasing item in main photo


Parts interchange with Bender washers (except top vacuum screw)


Popular Spare Parts;

56200 - Complete 6 unit Washer assembly with 10 inch clear sight glass

56195 - Small Sink for Milking units

1070-604 - Large Sink for Hand Washing Milking Machine bucket and lid

38215 - Top Vacuum Elbow with blue tape

56245 - Black Plastic Block / spacer / valve guide

56213 - Gasket for Clear Sight Tube Body

56214 - 10 inch Clear Sight Tube Body

56217 - Bracket Gasket for bottom mount

38211 - Rubber Seal for top of rod

56209 - weight

56212 - stainless steel float

56216 - SS Bottom with 6 nipples

1090-002 - 1/2 inch Drain hose - sold per foot - (2 feet ships with a new washer)

56219 - Check Valve Assembly for drain hose


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  • 5
    bucket washer

    Posted by Abby on Jul 5th 2020

    This was a bit of enigma to figure out at first. Our Capralite milking machine could not run it. Fortunately we had an old very loud dairy land milk pump that had enough horse power to run it. Horse power requirement is the only downside. This washer is the bomb!! After years of using brushes of always inadequate sizes to wash my milk tubes, we finally invested in this washer. We decided to get it at the same time as we upgraded our barn to add a milk room with hot and cold running water. So we started out trying to power it with our Capralite portable milking machine pump. the Capralite is probably only 1/2 horse motor and would not run this washer. Not sure what the dairy land pump is but it immediately fixed the problem. My milk tubes are pristine and I spend zero time washing milk tubes by hand. I didn't know how good it was until I got out some old milk tubes to replace a leak and they were (silicone) yellow, compared to the milk tubes I had been cleaning over a year using this washer. Unbelievable difference in cleanliness. Also I can walk away and do 100 other chores in my barn while the washer does the work. I do have to lift buckets to fill the wash sink, with rinse (30 seconds), then drain, then a bucket of detergent (5-7 minutes wash cycle-run do other things), then drain, then sanitizer, 2 minutes. So there will be added lifting of 5 gallon buckets. Aside from that, the washer does a MUCH better job of cleaning milk tubes and inflations than I could ever do by hand, even with complete disassembly of the inflations. And time. this washer saves a ton of time over washing by hand. Love it. Will NEVER go back to washing tubes by hand.

  • 5
    Bucket washer

    Posted by Connie Overton on Aug 1st 2018

    Just what we order!!