Keeping a Family Cow - 284 page Book

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Family Cow
by Joann Grohman
284 pages. 19 chapters. Paperback.
5 star rating.
Excellent for newbies, homesteaders or those who have milked a family cow for years
The book offers answers to frequently asked first-time questions, such as:
  • €œShould I get a cow?
  • How much space do I need?
  • The health benefits of untreated milk
  • How to milk a cow effectively and with ease
  • Choosing a dairy breed
  • Drying off your cow
  • Details on calving and breeding
  • The importance of hay quality and how to feed your cow properly
  • Fencing and pasture management
  • Housing, water systems, and other supplies
  • Treating milk fever and other diseases and disorders
  • Making butter, yogurt, and cheese.
This book is intended as an inspirational manual for keeping a family milk cow. A lifetime of practical experience has been bound into one volume. Practical advice for the everyday and procedures for cow emergencies.
Provides details on animal acquisition, feeding, disease prevention, breeding and food hygiene, and is written in such a way to offer enlightened reading to a diverse audience. The book features essential information for running the small farm; tips on things like milking, feeding, stall-building, calf-care, etc.; emergency cow-care in the case of bloat or milk fever; in-depth discussions of how to buy a cow, and how to dry her off; and some thoughts on the economics of farming and food processing that may be interesting even for the non-farmer or the nutritionist/meal planner. It doesn't just tell you how to take care of a cow, it tells you why you want one.
From the author; "The cow is the most productive, efficient creature on earth. She will give you fresh milk, cream, butter and cheese, building health or even making you money. She will provide rich manure for your garden or land. Each year she will give you a calf to raise, sell or raise for beef. Every day she will enrich the quality of your life as you benefit from the resources of the natural world. Quite simply, the family that keeps a cow is a healthy family." -- Joann
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