Keeping Livestock Healthy Book

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by N. Bruce Haynes D.V.M.
352 pages - Paperback
Revised and updated, the fourth edition draws on the very latest research from experts on each of the five animals covered - horses, cattle, pigs, goats, and sheep. It presents new information on vaccines, artificial insemination, ultrasonography, disease testing, drug treatments, and diseases such as Lyme disease, Potomac fever, bluetongue, foot-and-mouth disease, and mad cow disease. This complete reference on livestock health is an invaluable guide to preventing disease through good nutrition, proper housing, and appropriate care.
One of the recognized classics in its field.
"a major contribution to available farm veterinary literature." - Small Farmer's Journal
 "highly recommended to all livestock owners." - Modern Veterinary Practice
"So admirably organized and indexed that its information is instantly available." - Farmstead Magazine
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