Kleen Flo 300 Cow Milking Unit complete - Plain Bottom

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Complete Milking Unit
Parlor style - No Shutoff
Easy to handle sloped plastic bottom
The Kleen Flo 300 Milking Unit Stainless Steel top. Sized right in between the Delaval® Flo-view and Super Flo-View claws. the right weight and nipple spacing to milk out today's higher producing cows. Very easy to handle sloped plastic bottom fits your hand well and moves the milk out quickly for stable teat end vacuum.
With out shutoff for parlors using automatic takeoffs. 
Available with Jet Flo style shells as shown or choice of 06 style shells or Bou-Matic style shells
Medium volume, good flow rate and stable vacuum are just a few of the benefits this claw offers. Stainless steel tops and longer nipples ensure longer life and superior liner fit.
Low maintenance and few replacement parts make this claw an economical option in any dairy.
Features include:
  • Light weight Medium capacity 300ml
  • Large bore nipples evacuate the liners faster and ensure more stable vacuum at the teat end
  • Stainless steel top and nipples add strength and durability
  • See-through bowl allows the operator to observe the milk-flow from any angle
  • Automatic and non automatic shut-off versions available
  • Rubber bumper and slope design reduce bowl breakage
  • 19mm 5/8 inch milk outlet is sloped to quickly move the milk out of the claw.
  • Uses 5/8 or 3/4 inch milk hose
  • Simple design minimizes maintenance
  • Hooks provided auto take offs and CIP hangers