Kleen Flo 300 Cow Milking Unit with shutoff

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Claw only - shutoff model
Kleen Flo 300 Milking Unit Stainless Steel top. Stainless air divider with 9/32 air fork Sized right in between the Delaval® Flo-view and Super Flo-View claws. the right weight and nipple spacing to milk out todays higher producing cows. Very easy to handle sloped plastic bottom fits your hand well and moves the milk out quickly for stable teat end vacuum. With shutoff plug for parlors or bucket milkers 19mm 5/8 inch milk outlet is sloped to quickly move the milk out of the claw. Uses 5/8 or 3/4 inch milk hose Simple design minimizes maintenance Hooks provided auto take offs and CIP hangers complete unit with shells and inflations at link below 1 year warranty!