Milk Pasteurizer 2 Gallon Stainless Steel Single Function 220 volts International version

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New Improved Model! Stainless Steel Single Pasteurizer. For International use in countries using 230 volts 2 gallon capacity.

All Stainless steel to protect your milk quality and flavor

International - use in countries using 220-230 volts

Two-gallon capacity Milk Pasteurizer uses the same principles of pressurized heating and vacuum-sealed cooling found in the best commercial pasteurizers. Thermostatic control ensures preservation of natural flavor while eliminating all harmful bacteria. The milk is heated in the inner milk container in a hot water bath to a preset temperature of approximately 158 degrees at which time a buzzer sounds. Hot water is drained off and cold water is circulated to cool the milk.

Pasteurizer includes inner and outer stainless steel buckets, lid, gasket, hoses, and instructions.

Wt. 18 lbs.

30520  Assembled in USA by Ezee Milking Equipment

Spare parts  in stock - the heating element and thermostat interchange with the Safgard and Hoegger pasteurizers

96000 Red Knob

30575 Cover Lock

30560 Heating Element

30569 Buzzer

30567 Fill hose with faucet adaptor



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