Sold Out! Milk Pasteurizer 3+ Gallon Stainless Steel Single Function 110 volts

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Sold Out!
For USA market and countries using 115 volts 3+ gallon capacity.
3.5-Gallon Stainless Steel Pasteurizer - Pasteurize Milk - Pasteurize Colostrum - Pasteurize Juice - Culture milk for making cheese, yogurt and other dairy products - Protects milk flavor - milk will not burn or scorch - Vitamins, natural flavor and cream content of milk remain unchanged!
Process 3.5 gallons of milk to a temperature of 156°F / 70°C in about 1 hour. The amount of time required is dependent upon the starting temperature of the milk and the volume of milk. Directions; Fill the inner milk pail. Cover with the milk pail lid. Lower the pail into the outer pasteurizing container. Add water from your faucet with provide hose. Cover, adjust thermostat. Press start button to begin pasteurizing. Inlet and outlet hoses fill a water bath which is sealed against any contact with the milk and which provide a constant gentle heating. The water bath may be flushed with cold water to stop the heating process and begin cooling.
3.5 gallon, 14 Litres, 14.8 quarts - 110 – 120 volts AC (common USA household electric)
- Fully adjustable digital thermostat with range of 100° – 179° degrees F (40° - 82°c)
- Temperature digital readout is in Celsius. Chart included for conversion to Fahrenheit
- Milk container is submerged in a water bath for controlled, even temperatures.
- Stainless Steel inner milk pail and lid are dishwasher safe
- Stainless steel outer container and cover
- Insulated for energy savings.
- Inner Milk pail has a new euro designed easy to lock lid
- Thermometer included - Instructions included
- 1 Year warranty (230 volt version available at link below)
Made in Austria
Sold by and ships from Hamby Dairy Supply in Maysville Missouri USA