Mini Orbit Milking Unit with shutoff - complete

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Reconditioned Mini Orbit Milking Unit with Shutoff
Reconditioned Mini Orbit Milking Unit with stainless steel shutoff. Comes complete with new inflations, air tubes, lid gasket, and a new or like new lid. Used jet flo shells. Dual or single surge air divider for 3/8 hose. Only the Mini-Orbit gives you the excellent visibility to see all 4 quarters milking from any view. Favorite choice for stanchion barns, herringbone parlors, and bucket milkers. Not for use in parallel barns due to slope of the outlet. Stable vacuum for fast gentle milking. If the top gets damaged, simply replace it and it will milk just like it did the first day it was new. (Stainless steel top milkers often get bent nipples and never milk the same again - causing expensive replacement) One of our most popular units.