Nordic Cow Lift

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Economical and durable. Simple to use.
Cow lift features a threaded rod and handle to tighten rings into cow hips.
Very simple to apply and remove - just place over cow's back and tighten rings into the hip bone by rotating the handle.
Plastic cushion coated rings reduce change of injury. Grips need only be tight enough to lift cow.
Will fit the smallest calf or largest cow. Hook up power pull or hoist to lift and slowly raise cow.
Saving one cow's life more than pays for this cow lift. Economical and durable, the improved Nordic Cow Lift is simple to use.
Lightweight and self-locking, the lift tightens with a simple hand crank.
Useful for everything from post-parturient paresis, down cow, and prolapsed uterus to surgery restraint, generalized weakness, obturator paralysis or fracture repair.
The self-locking rings will not slip outward as you jack them inward.
Caution! To prevent bone injuries, do not use over 20 minutes at a time.
Load limit of 1500 lbs.
Ships UPS oversize from Wisconsin