Orion OHTA Pulsator 60/40

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Orion OHTA Pulsator
Order adaptor 1010-229 for use with interpuls style mounts. (scroll down for link)
Features an accurate and stable pulsation cycle controlled by a special liquid. The OHTA pulsator has an excellent reputation for durability. Stable pulsation cycle is not affected by dust or changes in temperature or humidity. The pulsator can be adjusted to meet almost any type of milking unit. Excellent replacement for Bucket Milkers and an inexpensive alternative for pipeline milkers Instructions included. This pulsator is preferred by our local Amish community who milk hundreds of cows each day with our bucket milker units.
Works great for milking goats, sheep and cows!
Replacement for our bucket milkers and Nasco, Coburn, Caprine Supply, DeLaval (Check lid type), and other brands.
all spare parts in stock
Easy to maintain. Reliable. Proven. One year warranty.
Quality product made in Japan by Orion