Sale! L02 Interpuls Pulsator 60/40 180ppm adjustable speed

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Interpuls Long Life Pulsators are designed for farm use.

Super sale on the new improved L02 air plastic top version of this pulsator!

Guaranteed lowest price!

Operating Range; 

60/40 ratio recommended for cows and goats

 adjustable from 50 to 180 ppm over a vacuum range of 10 to 15 hg (inches of mercury scale) aka vacuum range of 35 to 50 kPa


Built heavy duty for farm use.

L02 has been supercharged! The well-known milking performances have been improved, thanks to 50% more AirBoost!

L02Air performs with a uniform, gentle milking in every operating condition; thanks to the oversized filtering surface.

Clean the air filter with just one finger with the new design - without removing the cover.  This makes L02Air a really "service free" vacuum Pulsator!

Blue plastic top version is recommended for line mounting on a pvc vacuum line or milk goats with a surge bucket lid adaptor (see kit listing for goat milking options). Not recommended for bucket lid mounting on our traditional stainless steel lid cow and goat bucket milkers.  Works well with our Interpuls plastic lid ITP3100002


Stainless top version works well for bucket lid mounting and all other options. (see link below for stainless steel top)  Both pulsators are identical inside - only difference is the cover.


2 year full warranty. Easy to maintain. Reliable. Proven.


ITP1050061 Spare parts kit available below.

 50/50 L02 pulsator for sheep milking at link below.

Manufacturers Description:

Precise and consistent milking and massage phases are guaranteed with the new L02 Pulsator from Interpuls. Fast, complete milkout of each quarter reduces stress on the animal and can lead to improved milk production. The success of the L02 is due in part to the state-of-the-art materials and the design of the valve plate and the slide which work together seamlessly and smoothly. The main diaphragm is now molded of a new compound which is virtually impermeable, resists fatigue, and insures consistent pulsator operation.

Compact and ergonomically rounded for easy handling, the 60/40 ratio, 2-exit L02 is simple to install and service takes just a few minutes. The L02 is adjustable from 50 to 180 ppm over a vacuum range of 35 to 50 kPa (10 to 15 hg), and the rate adjusting screw is positioned for easy access without damage to the pulsator body.

Made in Italy by Interpuls.


Sold by and ships from Hamby Dairy Supply in Maysville Missouri USA