Permanent Mount Adaptor for ITP Interpuls Pulsators

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Permanent mount for Interpuls pulsator.
Comes with a male 3/8 NPT mount. 
Mounting clamp at link below.  Mounting NPT reducer bushing also at link below
Note Pulsator is NOT included.  Pulsators are in links below and in list shown below
This option is for mounting to a pvc pipe such as the loop shown in the detail images or other pipe thread fitting
To create a what is shown in detail images, you will need 1) Pulsator. 2) Permanent mount (this listing). 3) Metal clamp shown in link below. 4) Brass reducer bushing shown in link below.
Recommended Pulsators;
L02 air  ITP1079001 (shown in detail images - available at links below)
LL90 60/40 ratio for cows or goats 1081-162
LL90 50/50 ratio for sheep only 1081-161
Related Mounting Hardware - See links below;
7009-3270-050 - Metal Clamp on bracket for pulsator mount - requires bushing shown below
ReducerBushing.5x.375 - Brass Bushing for 1/2 inch NPT to 3/8 NPT
GEA 4999-1081-171
Interpuls 161406
Waikato 81320088