Pulsator Repair Kit with oil for Surge Bucket Milker

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***Includes 1 bottle of oil***

Rebuild Kit for Surge Bucket Milker Original Vacuum Pulsators.

Repair Kit Includes;

  • Bottle of pulsator oil
  • 4 leathers
  • 4 expanders
  • 2 housing gaskets
  • rubber cap for check valve
  • o-ring for C model pulsators
  • pipe cleaners for cleaning small ports
  • Instructions

Also included are two brushes for cleaning the small ports in the surge pulsator. Dirty ports are a common cause of failure in these pulsators. 

This kit is also available without oil at the link below.

Our rebuild kits include hard to find parts not available in most other kits. 

Still cant get your pulsator to work? we have new replacement pulsators - 4320 (see link below) and we offer rebuilding service in our dairy equipment shop. 

We stock all items for Surge Bucket Milkers including genuine original Surge inflations, air tubes and lid gaskets. 

For instructions, history and more information about the surge bucket milker, go to www.surgemilker.com 

Instructions can be found on our manuals page
The Surge Vacuum Pulsator was patented in 1921 and manufactured until 1999.  More details at http://surgemilker.com/

Gea WestfaliaSurge sku number; 4999-1010-243 
Babson Bros sku number 10310 
old Hamby sku 501-10310 


  • check the vacuum level - Should be 11 or more while on the cow or the pulsator won't work. Vacuum leaks, worn out pumps or too small of pumps are common causes of the pulsator not working.
  • check the vacuum hose.  if it is blocked, the pulsator will not work
  • check the slides - on P and C models the front and rear slides are different and if switched, the pulsator won't work
  • Do Not oil the block - only the leathers
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Hamby Dairy Supply LLC has the largest stock of Spare Parts for the Surge Bucket Milker.
June 2023

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  • 4
    It worked well, needed adjustment

    Posted by Brandi Jenkins on Apr 18th 2024

    I had to stretch the holes in the flat gasket to fit over the pins. They're punched too close together. Otherwise the kit works perfectly.

  • 5
    Good repair kit

    Posted by David McAdams on Jan 12th 2024

    I was pleased with the kit

  • 5
    Perfect fit

    Posted by Scott Snodgrass on Feb 24th 2022

    This kit was a perfect rebuild kit for an old Surge C style milker. It my 1st experience rebuilding a milker but it went smooth and worked perfectly when I was finished.

  • 5
    Repair kit and oil

    Posted by Teresa kich on Sep 17th 2020

    Item was as described. Most impressed with the phone call to make sure I got my order and it was correct. There was some error on their end