Pulsator Repair Kit with oil for Surge Bucket Milker

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Rebuild Kit for Surge Bucket Milker Original Pulsators.

Rebuild Kit for Surge Bucket Milker Pulsators. 

Kit includes, 4 leathers, 4 expanders, 2 housing gaskets, rubber cap for check valve, and o-ring for C model pulsators. 

1 bottle of oil is included along with instructions. 

Also included are two brushes for cleaning the small ports in the surge pulsator. Dirty ports are a common cause of failure in these pulsators. 

Our rebuild kits include hard to find parts not available in most other kits. 

Still cant get your pulsator to work? we have new replacement pulsators (see link below) and we offer rebuilding service in our dairy equipment shop. 

We stock all items for Surge Bucket Milkers including genuine original Surge inflations, air tubes and lid gaskets. 

For instructions, history and more information about the surge bucket milker, go to www.surgemilker.com