Reconditioned Surge Bucket Milker with 094 wide bore inflations and new pulsator

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Reconditioned Surge Bucket Milker.   Grade A model for milking cows.

Wide Bore inflations for very large teats

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New pulsator (Interpuls) 4319

New pulsator mount for 'c' style lid (Interpuls) 4323

New wide bore inflations (Surge) 7750-2902-094

New short air tubes  (NuPulse)

Used stainless steel 'c' style lid (Surge)

New lid gasket (1047)

New clear vacuum hose 8 foot (4328)

Used bucket that has been cleaned, sanitized, and tested

Used stainless steel 'c' shells

Used bucket hanger (when available)

Not included but required;

  • Vacuum pump - 7100 or 7300 at links below
  • surcingle strap 1175
  • Surcingle rod  1176
  • brushes

see below for replacement parts kit

Note,  This Bucket Milker is not returnable to insure prevention of cross contamination from one farm to another.