Replacement Cow Milker with shutoff for Hamby 4501 1501 1502

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Replacement cow milker claw unit for Hamby 1501 1502 4501 4501w
Kit includes cast stainless top with alternating air divider, 180cc bowl, gasket, shutoff assembly & bumper.
Our replacement bowl is larger than the original DeLaval® Bowl to provide better vacuum stability
Easy to assemble & take apart.  Screws on with 1/4 turn.
Smallest cow milking claw Hamby sells.  Easy to handle.  Fits small human hands best.  Great choice for most family cows.  Not recommended for super fast milking high producing cows.  Surge Mini Orbit is suggested for high producers that milk out fast. (scroll down for link below)
Replacement for milkers sold by DeLaval® Coburn, Ezee, Parts Dept and Nasco.
63074 142113C  MC11
EZEE 10867
this item included in kit 1502 with hoses, shells and inflation liners.
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7750-0112-618FT - Double alternating 9/32 plastic pulsation hose (scroll down for link below)
4932silicone - Double alternating 9/32 silicone pulsation hose
1090-089 5/8 Silicone Milk Hose
10867 Copy Claw with alternating air divider and shutoff plug
10863 Complete bowl kit with 180cc bowl, bumper, shutoff and shutoff clip
10865 Bowl Gasket fits only copy claws  - Does not fit original Delaval bowl
10861 Shutoff Plug fits only copy claw bowls - Does not fit original Delaval bowl
10864 Rubber clip for 10861 shutoff plug - fits floview and super floview bowls
10882 plastic vent