Replacement Stainless Steel lid with blue pulsator for 1 cow or 1 goat bucket milkers

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Fits Long handle buckets such as 1501, 4501,  1571 and 1572
Replacement Stainless Steel lid for GEA WestfaliaSurge bucket milker assemblies and Hamby Bucket Milkers for 1 cow or 1 goat
Comes with the vacuum outlet plug and ball, pulsator mount, and 1053 lid gasket
Blue Interpuls L02 pulsator included
Single port lid for milking 1 cow, 1 goat or 1 sheep
Use with 5/8 I.D. milk hose - see link below Spare parts at links below Detail images show set up with pulsator and Vacuum Y adaptor
Note this lid only works with LONG HANDLE buckets.
Spare Parts;
1541 This lid and mount without the Interpuls pulsator
1053 Lid Gasket
7021-2627-020 Vacuum Air Y for Hamby and Westfalia lids
0026-1508-890  Plastic Ball for air inlet Hamby and WF Westfalia lids
7041-2318-000  GEA Westfalia Vacupuls pulsator mount - screws on to lid
2809032 Interpuls Pulsator mount - screws on to lid
7001-9926-010e Rubber cap plug fits Hamby and GEA Westfalia cow and goat bucket lids
Fits the following buckets;
ITP2619006 EcoBucket 6 gallon
ITP2619002 EcoBucket 7 gallon
30136 SS 3.5 gallon bucket
30156 SS 6 gallon bucket
30166 SS 7 gallon bucket
Replacement lid for Hamby 1501 4501 cow milkers, New Style Clear top cow milker.  and single goat milkers with blue L02 pulsator
7021-2627-020 33075 33076
Note this lid only works with LONG HANDLE buckets. If you have a Parts Dept or Caprine Supply bucket with a replaceable handle, then you will also need the 30152 long handle shown at link below