Replacement Stainless Steel lid for Hamby 1 cow and 1 goat bucket milkers

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Fits Long handle buckets
Replacement Stainless Steel lid for Hamby Bucket Milkers using Interpuls Pulsators on a plastic lid
Replace your plastic lid (shown at link below) with a long life stainless steel lid and eliminate the hole under the pulsator.
No more milk contamination in the pulsator because the vacuum source to the pulsator is outside the bucket lid
  • Stainless Steel lid 1095 33075
  • 2809032 mount for Interpuls pulsator
  • Vacuum air Y 7021-2627-020
  • Short vacuum hoses
  • Lid gasket 1053
Single port lid for milking 1 cow, 1 goat or 1 sheep
Use with 5/8 I.D. milk hose - see link below Spare parts at links below Detail images show set up with pulsator and Vacuum Y adaptor
Note this lid only works with LONG HANDLE buckets. If you have a Parts Dept or Caprine Supply bucket with a replaceable handle, then order this kit with the correct handle at the link below
Replaces Interpuls ITP lid 3100002 Libero
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Fits the following buckets;
ITP2619006 EcoBucket 6 gallon
ITP2619002 EcoBucket 7 gallon
30136 SS 3.5 gallon bucket
30156 SS 6 gallon bucket
30166 SS 7 gallon bucket
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updated March 2024