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Discontinued because GEA raised price to $249.00
Replaced by Pree Sanitizing powder
Precise Dairy Sanitation Tablets
Precise Chlorinated Sanitizer Tablets are excellent for sanitizing milk tanks, pipeline milking systems and bucket milking systems

Highly concentrated, EPA registered, dis-solvable tablets designed for sanitizing dairy farm milking equipment.

To sanitize, the tablets can simply be dropped into the wash vat or can be added to most jar type dispensing pipeline and milk tank washers.

Available in bulk refill packaging of 56# drum or 112# drum. Call for price and shipping quote


Features & Benefits

  • Tablet Form - Assures portion control that increases measuring accuracy and cost effectiveness by reducing overuse, waste and spillage.
  • Each tablet is 144 grams.
  • Concentrated - Potent 55% (by weight) organic chlorine maximizes sanitizing ability and minimizes storage requirements.
  • Each eight pound container has approximately 255 tablets and will produce 4,500 to 6,000 gallons of Hypochlorous Acid sanitizing solution.
  • EPA Registered - Precise Chlorinated Sanitizer Tablets are EPA registered, thoroughly tested and proven effective. Stable Formula
  • Tablet form enhances shelf life to one year as compared to 6-8 weeks for liquid chlorinated sanitizers.
  • Organic Chlorine Formulation - Provides better kill than conventional liquid sanitizers and is less corrosive, for reduction in damage potential to stainless steel components. 
  • Safe to Use - Tablet form eliminates potential hazards due to spills and splashing.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Environmentally responsible packaging system decreases plastic drum disposal and waste issues commonly associated with conventional powder and liquid cleaners and sanitizers.
  • Less Packaging - Low weight packaging and less overall product handling will increase labor efficiency and reduce manual labor.
  • Made in USA by GEA Farm Technologies  Westfalia Surge brands
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Made in USA by GEA Farm Technologies Inc


updated November 23, 2022

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  • 5
    Great option!

    Posted by Robin on Jun 20th 2022

    For the daily task of cleaning and disinfecting hand milking equipment, this item is a great innovation. I always worried about the power, as it can be inhaled while dispensing. This product eliminates that problem. Very pleased!