SS 2 goat/sheep Bucket Lid (3 inlet) Fits Short Handle Buckets

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3 inlet Lid for goat or sheep milking
For milking 2 goats or sheep with vacuum line mounted LL90, L02 or Vacupuls vacuum operated pulsators.
For milking 2 goats at a time with NuPulse milkers Has three 5/8 inch inlets Two for milk and one for vacuum.

Can be used to bucket milk 2 goats/sheep at a time with an electric pulsation system. You will need a 7527 - 5/8 x 1/2 inch hose adapter and vacuum stallcock for the pvc vacuum line.


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Fits Hamby short handle buckets;

Fits Hamby SS Buckets; 30135 30155 30165 30175 30180 30190
Fits Hamby / Interpuls Buckets ITP2619009 & ITP2619001

Also fits some DeLaval, Coburn, Caprine Supply, Parts Department, Ezee, Schlueter and other brands


***Note that NuPulse is for goats only. Will not work for milking sheep