SS Bucket Lid for Interpuls pulsator - 1 milk inlet - Fits Short Handle buckets

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Stainless steel lid for Milking 1 cow or 1 goats or 1 sheep at a time
1 milk inlets for 5/8 I.D. milk hose.
  • Fits Hamby short handle stainless steel and plastic milking machine buckets
  • Easy to Use and easy to clean
  • Extra Strong
  • 1053 Gasket and thumb screw included
  • For milking 1 cow or 1 goat or 1 sheep at at time.
  • Made of pure 304 stainless steel
  • Meets Grade A and FDA standards for USA and Canada
  • Hook for hanging the milker unit between animals
 Accepts the Interpuls LL90 pulsator, Interpuls L80 pulsator, Orion Pulsator, Strangko, BRK, or original DeLaval Hydropuls. Order the appropriate adapter separately (Hamby sku 1081-173 adaptor for Interpuls, Strangko, BRK) Fits Short Handle buckets Milk inlets accept 9/16 or 5/8 milk tubing (we sell all sizes of milk tubing) Fits the following buckets: Hamby Caprine Supply Coburn DeLaval (all older buckets and short handled newer buckets) Interpuls Stainless steel Interpuls Eco Bucket (plastic) Parts Department EZEE Universal Floor Pails Sears Surge Floor Pails (not suspended buckets) Team Conde (handle may not latch but opening fits on older buckets)
33000 62688 4999-1120-281 4008097
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old Hamby part number  1120-281
***Will NOT fit McCormick Deering, or Hoegger ***
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