Teat Dip Cup - choice of colors

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The Side Dipper™ is a Non-Return style. The dip solution in the top of the cup never re-enters the bottom container of fresh solution.
The Side Dipper™ offers a unique way to dip teats. Choose color above. The cup and bottle become a natural extension of your hand when gripping the soft squeeze bottle. A gentle pressure on the bottle dispenses a small amount of teat dip (about 4 cc ); all that you need because of the patented design of the cup.
Non-Return Style means the dip solution in the top of the cup never re-enters the bottom container of fresh solution. This provides clean sanitary dip with each squeeze. available in 4 colors including Green, blue, red, yellow. You can get separate colors for Pre and Post dips if you use different products for pre & post. Or pick a color to match your show herd display Instructions for Use: Bring the cup up under the udder and over the teat. Push the cup all the way to the base of the udder. When the teat is inserted into the cup, it will displace the dip and cover the entire teat from the tip to the base. The Splash Guard/ Teat Guide (the black ring) keeps the dip from spilling when the cup is rapidly moved from teat to teat.
The new Side Dipper can reduce the amount of dip you are currently using by 25 to 75%. (Depending on your present teat dip application method). Provides better coverage than most spray systems. The Side Dipper is made from the latest technology in engineered plastics to give you a durable and quality teat dip cup that will last many seasons.
The side dipper works great for cows in a tie stall, stanchion barn, or parlor. The side dipper is the preferred dip cup for goats and sheep!
A top dipper with a vertical top is also available (1160-537). It is recommended for parallel milking of cows or goats. Replacement bottles available at link below