Used C shell for Surge® bucket

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Good clean used C - shell for the surge bucket milker. sold each
Updated May 2024 with stock on hand. 
Nnew shells at link below (scroll down)
Surge C shell. Stainless steel - Sold each
  • Top O.D. 2 inches.
  • Bottom opening 5/8 inch.
  • Overall length 6 inches.
This shell has 2 vertical ribs on either side. One is visible on the right side of the picture. Detail image has opposite view. Condition: Used (New after market replacements available at the link below) Originally sold on the Surge bucket milker from 1920's to 1970 accepts wide and medium bore inflations 7750-2902-052 & 7750-2902-094 and Maes 282 Has Surge name or logo on shell. Stainless Steel. Early models were made of nickel plated brass. Our used replacements are all stainless steel.
You can read and print instructions at inflations that fit this shell are listed below
05 / 2024