1.0 inch CIP Sprayball for Reciever or Wash Vat or Milk Cooling Tank

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In Stock January 2023

Stainless Steel Sprayball with pin

Fits 1 Inch stainless tubing

actual dimensions of connecting tube;

1 inch I.D. inside diameter (25 mm)

1.1 inch O.D. (28.7 mm)

Stainless Steel Coupling pin may vary from photos

Sold Each

Commonly used to wash CIP vertical wash vats, Milk Receiver cans / jars, Smaller Milk cooling tanks

Works with Delaval, Alfa Laval, Mueller GEA, Koolway, Sunset, Milk Plan. - and adaptor may be required to connect to some brands
  • 2mm holes
  • Surface finishing 180 Grit ID/150 Grit OD
  • Rotating spherical design covers 360 degrees
  • Suitable for use in milk tanks, wash tanks, CIP, COP, food, beverage, and other hygienic application
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updated 01/2023