1047s Green Silicone Lid Gasket for Surge® and Bou-Matic® bucket lids. also fits 6 qt vertical trap

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1047 softer silicone lid gasket
Long Life! 
Fits all Surge bucket milker lids from 1924 to 2000
Dimensions; 6 3/8 x 7 7/8 x 3/16
Replaces Surge 10455 lid gasket
Also fits Sears 9830 Perfection DE120-75A Regular Bou-matic 8500604 Bucket Chore-Boy S63A Suspended Milkers
Fits 6 quart vertical trap.
GEA Meltec number 4999-1120-293 1120-293
Ezee 25197
Coburn 1047
Made in USA by Hamby Dairy Supply
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June 2023