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Acid Sanitizing Detergent Concentrated acid detergent.
Sale on 5 gallon containers
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Acid Detergent with Sanitizer
Multi-Purpose CIP or Manual Acid Cleaner. Citophos is a concentrated acid detergent. Ideal for hand washing bucket milkers and dairy equipment. Use with bucket washers, CIP systems and milk tank washers.  Quick germ killing power and cleaning capabilities make this product an excellent choice for cleaning all calf feeding utensils. Excellent ability to remove Milk Stone. Our recommended replacement for WestAgro Ridstone®, Sterosol Milkstone Remover®, and Klenzade HD Acid PL-10®
From the Manufacturer; For Cleaning Pipelines and Milk Tanks:
1. Rinse pipeline with clean, warm 110°F (43°C) water immediately after use or as soon as tank is emptied.
2. Mix GEA Farm Technologies pipeline or milk tank detergent at recommended concentration. Circulate for 10 minutes or until temperature drops below 120°F (49°C). 3. Rinse with warm water or cold water using 1 oz. (30 ml) Citrophos-SF to each 6 gallons (22.7 L) of water.
4. Circulate the Citrophos-SF solution for about two minutes and completely drain the solution. NOTE: The type and amount of acid required for proper rinsing is related to water quality and buffers, detergent type, system design, and other chemical and physical factors.
Recommended drum pumps just search for the item number 
5 gallon  -  1160-006  5 gallon EZI-Action Drum Pump
15 gallon - 1160-024 15 gallon EZI-Action Drum Pump
55 gallon - 1160-025 55 gallon EZI-Action Drum Pump
Consult your GEA Farm Technologies hygiene specialist for specific recommendations to ensure proper use and performance of Citrophos-SF.
NOT UPS shippable. 
Larger 15 and 55 gallon containers available with a 2 week lead time.
This item ships by Freight Truck only due to corrosive label. 
Made in USA by GEA Farm Technologies Inc
updated November 18 2022