Sale! Transparent Bucket Lid Complete w/Built-in Adaptor for Interpuls pulsator - 1 milk inlet

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Has one 5/8 inch milk inlet
Clear Milking Lid - Designed to enable the locking and unlocking of the lid without removing the hoses.
Fits TALL HANDLE BUCKETS ONLY - 5.7 inches (145 mm) Lid Height (see detailed image)  This is the distance from top of bucket rim to bottom of bail handle Rim is 8 inch I.D.
A stainless steel replacement lid is available; search item 1541
Features a built-in adapter for Interpuls, Strangko, BRK vacuum pulsators and a handy hook for the claw. Lid fits newer long handle Delaval-style buckets including Coburn buckets 140411D, 140408D, MP120X, MP140X, 2609022. Gasket included. Can be adapted to most Hamby, Caprine Supply, Parts Dept stainless steel and plastic milking machine buckets by changing the handle.
3100002 Libero lid Made in Italy by Interpuls
Used on Hamby bucket milker models
1678, 1679, 1578, 1579, 1678, 1679, 
For milking one cow, goat or sheep at at time.
Fits the following buckets;
ITP2619006 EcoBucket 6 gallon
ITP2619002 EcoBucket 7 gallon
30136 SS 3.5 gallon bucket
30156 SS 6 gallon bucket
30166 SS 7 gallon bucket
Replacement parts;
1053s  silicone lid gasket
1081-174 ITP check valve
ITP3010033 pulsator seal 
ITP1079001 Blue L02  Interpuls Pulsator
1081-162 Black and Silver LL90 Interpuls Pulsator
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1541 Stainless Steel lid for Interpuls pulsator (without pulsator)
1511 Stainless Steel lid with L02 Interpuls pulsator
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