Electric Dehorner, Goat, Sheep and small calves

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Electric Dehorner - Disbudding iron for goats, sheep and small calves
L-H Cast bronze dehorner is Made In USA
Easy to handle, fast, efficient with no blood loss. Cast bronze electric dehorner
  • 5/8" inner diameter
  • 10 foot cord
  • 110 volts A.C.
  • bronze tip
  • 1 year warranty
Preferred for dehorning small calves and goats. It only requires a few seconds and there is no blood loss using this dehorner.
From the manufacturer;
Decrease injury in your cattle herd by dehorning when they are young. This is accomplished quickly and simply with an L & H Electric Dehorner. Place the dehorner over the horn and rotate to make certain the high temperature is applied to all horn cells at the base of the horn. In four to six weeks the horn button will drop off leaving a smooth, well healed area. No loss of blood or severe shock during or after dehorning. Only a few seconds are required for the entire operation and can be done safely any month of the year.
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